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Upping Your Mountain Climber Game

Mountain climbers are the exercise you love to hate. Used in many body weight circuits, this exercise allows the core to be engaged while the hips move around a stable core. How does this happen...well simply by holding the plank position - you are forcing your anterior (front) to turn on forcing to "resist extension". This is so crucial for low back health.

Not to mention, you get some great shoulder stability in the mix as well. Add some spice the next time you do this exercise by using a band attached to your feet. Make sure the point of attachment is secure:-)

Need a workout idea?? How about hitting this body weight workout:

3-5 Rounds of:

A1) Double leg glute thrust x 10

A2) Forearm side plank x 30 sec/side

A3) Resisted mountain climbers x 10/side

A4) 1 leg glute thrust x 5/side

A5) Push ups x 5

A6) Squats x 5

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