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 Workshops and Seminars

Some of the most influential learning experiences I have had over the last 15 years are from attending workshops and seminars from other professionals in the field.  Participating in smaller groups and promoting interactive participation is a valuable tool.  


I'm a "student focused educator".  The concept of not only knowing how to execute an exercise but also understanding the "why" is a top proirity when I deliver information.  Education is knowledge. 

I'm very flexible and will develope a session accompishing your goals for delivery.  30 minute session, 60 minute, half day or full day.  Contact me for pricing details. 

 Workshop Topics

There are many options for a workshop or seminar.  Some idea's that are often popular include the following:


  • Understanding movement - the basics behind the joint by joint approach

  • Warm ups /cool down /recovery - Could be the key to optimizing your training  

  • The Turkish Get-Up - The GOLD standard in mobility, stability, strength and skill

  • The weak link rules the chain - identifying your deficiency will expose your true training potential

  • Incorporating corrective exercises into your training sessions

  • Designing training programs - finding the balance between push, pull and loaded carries

  • Core training - The secret about the four quadrants

  • Off season training

  • Squat fundamentals

  • Deadlift fundamentals

  • Single leg training

Self Defense Workshops

For information on self defense workshops click here

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