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Individualized Training












Basically we know the following:

  • Physical Activity and Exercise decrease the risk of many chronic diseases such as depression, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  


And since we know this, the health care system and exercise professionals can work together to assist people with taking the step of adding physical activity into their daily routines.  

Good little as 20 minutes a day and you can reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

 Did you know that Canada is jumping on board with the global initiative of

"Exercise is Medicine"?  

Individualized Training - My client base is purposely very small.  However, I will always find time for 1:1 screening and assessments to help you get on the proper track.  

Functional Movement Screen - We will meet at Stone City Strength and Wellness

"I am glad I met Kara, as she has changed the way I look at working out, and she has helped me in achieving my fitness goals"


Kelsey Chang

OUA All-Star

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