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"As a high performance coach, I believe in fencers being excellent athletes first and foremost, with a solid foundation in biomechanics, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention and management. For almost a decade Kara Mazerolle has been an outstanding resource for my programs and athletes. She has provided us up to date training, cutting edge developments in strength and conditioning, as well as bringing her expertise in FMS as both an educational tool and training tool for setting benchmarks. Kara's contribution to any athletic training program is a must!"

Maitre Patricia L. Howes BA, NCCP IV, Ch.P.C.

Canadian Women's Sabre Junior Head Coach

CISM Fencing Head Coach since 2005

RMCC Varsity Head Coach since 2002

FISU Head Coach Kazan, 2013

5 x Canada Games Coach


"The quality of a strength and conditioning specialist is not determined by their certifications, advertised experience or even type or level of clientele.  The true determining factor is simply whether or not they produce results.


I have been very fortunate to work alongside Kara for over 6 years.  In that time I have seen again and again that every client she works with achieves impressive results, to say the least, regardless of whether their goals were performance based or rehabilitation oriented.


Her thorough understanding of movement coupled with an intense passion for helping others lends to the highest quality of service to the point in which I’d be happy to stake my reputation on this fact"



Stephane Robert



"For 4 years, I have had the privilege of working with Kara as my strength and conditioning and movement coach. Kara has helped me develop as an athlete by creating programs in order to improve my mobility, strength, and speed.


I didn’t know much about strength and conditioning and movement before I met Kara. I have learned so much in terms of technique and the variety of exercises; and I feel confident to go to the gym on my own without the thought of doing the exercise wrong and getting injured.  


Kara has taught me the importance of movement and how every athlete should be highly focused on that area, as it is the key to injury prevention. I am glad I met Kara, as she has changed the way I look at working out, and she has helped me in achieving my fitness goals"



Kelsey Chang


CISM Canada

CIS All-Canadian



"Kara is an incredibly enthusiastic coach who loves what she does. I have never had a coach who was as knowledgeable and invested in continually taking advantage of opportunities to better their craft.  


The workouts that Kara provides are not only safe, but effective. She takes the time to create a unique program specific to an individual’s needs and ensures that you are doing everything as safely as possible, correcting any imbalances in your body that might put you at risk of injury, without delaying results.


As an athlete with a shoulder injury, I have complete faith that the workout I’m doing is not going to cause any further injury, but instead strengthens and promotes healthy movement. I would recommend working with Kara to anybody!"


Melissa McCoy


CISM Canada

OUA All-Star



"Kara Mazerolle is without a doubt, the strongest female I know.  She is devoted to and passionate about strength and conditioning.  She has helped hundreds of people not only achieve their goals, but feel great too.  Her dedication to continuing education and keeping up with the most current developments in fitness does not compare with any other fitness professional around. 


She’s not just “a” trainer I would recommend, she’s “the” trainer I would recommend!"

Erin Thompson



"At the Royal Military College, Commando Krav Maga (CKM) is a mandatory athletics course for third year students. I was very nervous going into this course, as I am only 5 foot 2 and 110 pounds. All I could imagine was never being able to defend myself against attacks. Kara Mazerolle was my instructor for this course. She assured me that I would have no problem defending myself if I used the proper techniques.


Kara is very good at teaching these techniques and working with you to make sure you know them by heart and can use them under stressful situations involving high adrenaline. She usually demonstrated these techniques with the tall guys in our class to prove that if you are confident and remember the techniques, anyone can protect themselves from an attack no matter the difference in size between you and your attacker. You do not need to be strong or fit to be successful in CKM. It is all about techniques. Some techniques may be easier for you if you are small like me. The important thing I learned was to choose the technique you are most comfortable with and master it.


I have come a long way since the beginning of this course and I am confident to say that if I ever get into a confrontation that escalates into a fight I can de-escalate the situation and protect myself. I am very glad I got the opportunity to complete this course and I hope to enroll in the advanced CKM course next year"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sarah Kelly


"Being an athlete and playing a variety of sports I believed that I was physically fit. After completing the FMS testing with Kara it was clear that the opposite was actually true. I had learned to compensate for my weaknesses and therefore was not aware of where my body needed work. FMS is a series of tests that appear to be relatively easy to complete, but it is not until you are actually completing the test that you realize it is not as easy as it looks.  If you are a competitive person and enjoy pushing yourself you will find this test fascinating, extremely beneficial, and at times frustrating when your body simply cannot do what you tell it too.


In 2010 I had ACL reconstruction surgery and following my rehab I completed a FMS test with Kara and the difference in strength between my left and right side was remarkable. I had an significant difference between the left and right side of my body, but by doing the exercises assigned to me prior to my workouts and whenever I could remember I was able to improve my overall strength and reduce the difference between my left and right side. Overall, I feel that FMS testing is extremely beneficial because athletes are constantly compensating to one side and finding ways to shield their weaknesses in order to perform at the necessary level. FMS will isolate those weaknesses and then give you ways to improve and strengthen them in order to avoid a future injury"


                            Norah Collins

                            RMC WVB

                           CISM Canada

                           OUA All-Star

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