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"She is one of the best Fitness Professionals in Eastern Ontario"

"Both Programs were virtually injury free with Kara's constant supervision, mentoring and guidance"

Dumbbell Circuit Training

For Injury Prevention and Healthy Living

  • For the Fitness Professional or Weekend Warrior

  • 15 Dumbbell Circuits with videos

  • Over 40 different exercise's including body weight

  • Template to create your own circuits 

Deciding what exercise movements to do during a workout can either pave the path to long term healthy movement or become a barrier that you are constantly fighting against.  That barrier could be chronic pain or feeling like you have plateaued.  

In addition to the 15 workouts, this educational tool explores the importance of movement hygiene and the crucial need for multi-joint exercises to comprise the majority of your total exercise volume.  

  • Have you ever felt unsure of how to put a workout together for yourself or your clients?  

  • Is it safe?

  • Are you creating a healthy environment for the body to maintain mobility and stability long term?

  • Do your workouts focus on maintaing a stable/stiff core while the upper and lower extremities move around it?

  • Are you aware of the main fundamental movements that should be the body of a training session?

  • Did you do a movement screen to ensure you are not at a high risk for chronic injuries?

  • Do you want to have some home workouts?

  • Do you want a workout to follow at the gym?

After many years of working with students following a post secondary education in the "Fitness" or "Health" field, I believe we need more resources out there for each to build a solid foundation and to grow.  


Yes, currently there is an abundance of access to social media for "workouts".  For the most part when you scroll through Social media feeds, unfortunately the workouts are not awesome and pulling at the vulnerabilities of many people who know that exercise and physical activity is important, but they don't know where to start.  


How about this, next time you see a workout, just count how many "anterior chain" or "hip flexion" dominant exercises comprise the session.  In addition, now look at the movements. Are the movements supporting a stable core while the extremities move around it or is the lumbar constantly in end ranges of extension and flexion.  Now imagine doing this day after day.  If you like visiting the physiotherapist or chiropractor, keep doing those workouts.   


There is no quick fix.  If long term sustainable health is important to you, then give this guide a read and cycle through the 15 workouts and see how you feel.  Movement Quality Matters.  Exercise Selection Matters.  


This is a PDF document that will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase. 

Happy Moving!

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