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Warm-Up Today to Move Better Tomorrow

Warm up is one of things that is often skipped by many...why?

  • Short on time

  • Don't like to expose weaknesses

  • Don't know what to do

I'm the first to say...I don't always warm up either, but it really depends on my workout.

Warming up for a 10km run is very different compared to preparing for a 3RM barbell deadlift.

Lets talk about the basics here. What do we know about injuries??

  • Having asymmetries increases your risk for injury (differences right vs left side)

  • Having dysfunctional movement patterns increases risk for injury (i.e. - core)

Warm up is the opportunity to prepare you body for activity. It's been my experience that most are limited in:

  • Hip Mobility

  • T-Spine Mobility

  • Ankle Mobility

  • Core stability

So warm up is a perfect opportunity to work on:

  • Improving mobility (increasing range around the joints- creating movement)

  • Improving stability (increasing the ability to resist undesired mobility - resisting movement)

The following is an example of a quick warm up circuit

So what is so great about these pairings of exercises? Each exercise creates a positive feedback loop for the next exercise.

Basically we are using the principles of the Joint-by-Joint Approach

Principles of warm up are:

1. Increase range around the joint

2. Stabilize in that new range

3. Load it

Rib Grabs - with the upper hip elevated to 90 degrees it forces all the movement to come from the T-spine. Your spine needs to create movement. If this doesn't happen the lumber (lower back) may compensate. Use your 3 dimensional breath throughout this movement and goal is getting that shoulder blade to the ground without the knee lifting off the roller! Difference right vs left - more reps on the bad side

Rock back T-spine - Again we are working on improving T-spine but now in a rock back position. With the butt rocked back...we are locking the lumbar in place so forcing the movement to come from the upper back. Two positions are used here. Hand in the lower back and then behind the neck.

Inchworm walkout-downward dog-lunge-overhead reach - This is a great "go to"dynamic movement that targets some ankle mobility, hip mobility, t-spine mobility and core stability.

Bridge March - This get the hips opening into extension so the glutes can fire....this is so important for low back and knee health.

Alternating reverse lunge with prisnor rotation - By stepping back you get a nice quad stretch...again so the glutes can fire.....adding the rotation gets the t-spine moving. Turn towards the up knee so the lumbar doesn't compensate!

Alternating T planks - Gets the core firing and is great for shoulder stability. Remember the core is the entire torso - front and back - supports the spine and works to resist extension, flexion and rotation!

Reverse Lunge with Overhead Reach - Getting the arms reaching overhead is good for everybody....

Push Ups - Wrap it all up with some perfect push ups.....

There it is ...wham bam.. a little warm up..or do a few rounds for a workout:-)

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