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Swings and Rollouts

Exercise selection and pairings are key to healthy movement and great workouts. Here's a pairing to try the next time you workout:

3-5 rounds of:

A1) Kettlbell swings x 10

A2) Stability ball rollouts x 10

Why do these make a great pairing? Here's a few reasons:-)

  • The Kettlebell swing is known as a "hinge" or posterior chain exercise. That means the backside is working lots and lots. And the stability ball roll out is working the "anterior" chain or front of the body. So they complement each other nicely back vs front.

  • The purpose of the kettlebell swing is hip drive - that means the movement comes for hip extension getting the glutes to fire. It is a dynamic and powerful movement. In terms of movement progressions, it's important to have "core" control and the stability ball rollout requires a great amount of lumbo/pelvic control.

  • We only swing to shoulder height so the latissimus dorsi can become engaged when driving the bell back down to the groin. The rollouts allow for some overhead arm movement. So the scapular is in a different position for each of these exercises. The swing it is packed down, and the rollouts you get some upward rotation.

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